Episode: 66

You Deserve Better!

deserve better

“If you want a better life, know what you want to REPEL! Or you may waste your time and money on things and people that aren’t for you. And remember, sometimes you’ll have to exercise your option of “block and deleted”… online and offline!” – Anne Hellgren

For anyone reading this, I want to share that you deserve better. And it’s not just for those in an abusive relationship! It’s for anyone who has that gut feeling that they have sold themselves short in their relationship! If this is you, or someone you know, this episode is for YOU!

After years of therapy, counseling, personal development retreats, workshops, books, and courses, you name it, I realized I had a pattern that was robbing me of happy relationships and a better life. There were 5 key things I needed to work on. I did the work on myself and now help my clients do the same.

I want to share these with you and I promise you, if you work on getting these 5 things right, you will transform who you are, how you value yourself, and how you make your life choices!

Make sure to listen to the whole episode as it will serve you immensely!


With love till next week…. Anne xx

P.S. I have got a NEW AND EXCITING series coming up soon…. STAY TUNED my lovelies xx

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