• Are you tired of making the wrong choices in your relationships?
  • Do these choices go on to affect your happiness, freedom, finances, career or health?
  • Do you need to change the kind of people you attract and keep in your life?
  • Do you struggle to find and maintain the kind of relationships you really want?
  • Are there changes you want to make to your life but don’t seem to know how?

You’re not alone….

As a certified Coach, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and Relationship Expert, I provide coaching to people who are looking to find and maintain great relationships, whether it’s with a romantic partner, work colleagues, family members or friendships.

Unlike most relationship coaches, I don’t focus on “trying to find you the perfect match” but rather on how YOU can be your happiest and best in ALL the relationships you have in your life. The focus is on YOU- your values, wants, needs and beliefs.

Come along to our life changing program and see how people are transforming their live by creating outstanding relationships that add purpose, happiness and wealth to them!

After all, it’s well known that who we associate with is who become!

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What our Clients say:
Anne is an empathetic and experienced professional who provides a safe space.  Anne took the time to understand what was bothering me before she explained the process we were going use to explore things and why. Over a series of sessions she helped me to work through feelings that no longer served me, enabling me to gain a new and positive perspective. I already knew my core values but Anne helped me to anchor to some key ones and create specific intentions around them. This grounding in my authentic self was a secure place from which to explore the feelings that I was not comfortable with. Anne listened to how things had changed between sessions and she was able to adapt the work we did so that I could move forward at my pace. Anne has a kind and gentle manner and I felt heard, understood and most importantly, safe.  Having a safe space and the skills of such an expert was invaluable in helping me to address what was troubling me.  The sessions were professionally concluded and the process felt complete, yet I know that if I have a wobble Anne will be there. K. London
Coaching with Anne was a great experience. She really bonded with me and made me aware of my subconscious feelings and important values which helped me recognise what direction I need to take in my life. She is a very professional, warm and knowledgeable coach and I feel lucky to have chosen her. Anne made me feel comfortable with her lovable personality and brings the sun into darkness! I’m very pleased to be working with her. Thanks a million Anne!
Having NLP coaching and Time Line Therapy® with Anne was an extremely valuable experience for me. She has an excellent approach, is patient and genuinely cares about seeing my grow and develop into the person I aspire to be.
I came to the sessions wanting to increase my self- confidence and change a few areas of my life. Anne went over and beyond my expectations. Through her coaching sessions I’ve been able to find a much better relationship than I was in before the session. I have also finally got the confidence to start my own business and I haven’t looked back.


Internationally Accredited Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, BSc Counselling Psychology, MSc Occupational & Organisational Psychology.