About Anne

I am the Founder of Anne Hellgren Coaching, a Certified Life Coach, Public Speaker, and an upcoming Author, with a passion for empowering women in their relationships so they attract and maintain passionate, loving and joyful relationships.

Having spent over 15 years in various international business development, consultancy, account management and training roles, I decided to focus on what I was truly passionate about. This led to the foundation of my own coaching company and my decision to specialise in relationship coaching.

Like many women across the world, I grew up with certain ideologies installed in me as a child. Ideologies about my potential, my purpose, my role in a relationship, social & cultural expectations etc. Many of which I would not pass on to my children. Nonetheless, I know they were not intended with an ill manner and nor do I hold grudges towards anyone. After all, they have all served a purpose in making me who I am today. I share this because the experiences I went through are not unique to me. Time and time again I see women making choices about their relationships based on conscious or subconscious beliefs they have about themselves and their self-worth.

I was one of them and unfortunately made decisions about my partners based on limiting beliefs about myself, which lead to a series of unhealthy and abusive relationships. I’m proud to say that through several personal development courses, seminars and workshops, as well as my background in counselling and occupational psychology, I developed a program that has completely turned my life around. I now have confidence in myself at a level I never thought possible! I also have clarity about what I REALLY want and need in a relationship. Just as importantly, I now also know how to take control of my choices and make decisions that are giving me a happy, healthy and financially rewarding relationship.

I decided that if I could go through all that I did and still come out stronger and more empowered than ever, than so could many more women. I wanted to change women’s life by ensuring their relationships were no at the mercy of unhealthy decision-making strategies caused by limiting beliefs and a lack of self-clarity. I passionately work with my clients to empower them to realise and reach their full potential. I do this through giving them the Confidence, Clarity and Control they need and deserve!

What makes me unique?

Unlike many relationship coaches, I don’t focus on finding you the right person through a ‘match making service’. My program focuses on how you can EMPOWER YOURSELF by getting rid of your limiting beliefs through NLP and Time Line Therapy® exercises. I then work with you to give you clarity about yourself by identifying what your true values and beliefs are so you can stop wasting time and money on people who don’t resonate with you on these areas. I also teach you to take control of your choices and make decisions based on your new empowering beliefs about yourself. The focus is on YOU and YOUR empowerment and clarity.


I also have a Master of Science in Psychology, and I’m a certified NLP Practitioner & Certified Time Line Therapy® Practitioner. This means my program is created using tried and tested research and proven psychological and NLP theories, as well as Time Line Therapy® exercises. Because of this, clients receive undiluted, proven, and extremely specific step-by-step information on exactly what they need to do to increase their self-confidence and make rewarding decisions. As a result, those who coach with me realize and work to achieve for their full potential! They then go on to have happier and more successful relationships, careers and health habits faster and more successfully, than they would have on their own.


Given my counselling psychology background, I’m also able to provide my clients the ability to dig deeper into any underlying issues that they wish to explore through 1-2-1 coaching sessions.


Internationally Accredited Coach (accredited by American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Certified NLP Practitioner (accredited by American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® (accredited by Time Line Therapy® Association).

MSc in Occupational & Organisational Psychology – University of Surrey, UK

BSc in Counselling Psychology– University of Surrey, UK

NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapy® training completed with Coaching with NLP – http://www.coachingwithnlp.co/