Episode: 96

Winning While Wounded

Winning While Wounded

“Some people have the best intentions and your best interest at heart- but if they have no knowledge or experience in that particular area, that advice could still harm you. Learn to discern between good intentions vs. knowledge & experience.” – Anne Hellgren

We all experience low points at some point in our lives; sometimes, those periods last longer than we would wish. In this episode, I want to share my concept of “winning while wounded” so you understand you have the power to choose the right next steps to get you out of this low state. I also share with you a concept I created that has repeatedly helped me tremendously—I call it “My Board Of Directors” or MBOD.

If you want to know how to actively create a circle of people around you who can influence and improve your life, this episode is for you! Whether you don’t have a strong circle of positive influence or are looking to improve certain aspects of your existing circle, I promise you will have valuable insights from this episode!

If you have found this useful and know someone who needs to hear this message, please share it with them. It will not only benefit them, but you could also gain the awesome feeling of knowing that you are blessing someone else through your share!

If you want to know more about creating your own MBOD or examine your existing circle, email me at anne@annehellgren.com. Let’s create the future you deserve and desire together! 

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