Episode: 75

What is Love?

What is Love

“In our journey of self-love, I believe it’s important to accept our flaws and mistakes as part of our human experience and learn to have more self-grace towards ourselves. For self-love cannot exist without self-grace.” – Anne Hellgren

In this episode from the Art Of Connection series, created with Alexander McDonell and me, we explore what the true meaning of love is. Alexander and I have very different backgrounds but our shared connection of a higher being and spiritual connection inspires a very interesting conversation on what love is.

We argue whether love can be found in every aspect of our lives- even in addictions, fears, jealousy, crime, and control. When do we go from a healthy aspect or perception of love to when it turns into something ugly- but still believing it is an act of love?

This conversation is very deep and inspirational food for thought! It will challenge your ideas of love and give you different perspectives that are well worth your time, so make sure you listen to the full episode!

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