Episode: 90

What I Learned at My Lowest Moments

What I Learned at My Lowest Moments

“Give yourself some space to clear your head and just be still. Allow some creativity and purpose into your life.” – Anne Hellgren

The last couple of weeks have been a series of trials and turbulence. From my kids being sick and off school and me taking quite a brutal hit on the viruses going around. For weeks, we took turns going into A&E / ER, for one thing after another, between my kids and me.

I also had a lot of friends and family around me going through some very difficult personal times. Like anyone else, when your loved ones aren’t well, we tend to share in their pain and sorrow.

So, here is what I learned and (finally) accepted during this downtime:

  • It’s okay to rest, nap, or even log off entirely.
  • Quiet moments or moments of stillness can enhance my creativity.
  • My health is my TRUE wealth.
  • Don’t turn resilience into an ugly thing!

Sometimes, we don’t give ourselves the same grace we afford to others. But this time round, I was forced into just being still and accepting that I wouldn’t be able to do my usual life juggling.

Accepting this brought me peace. And with the peace came the life lessons- instead of guilt, overthinking, or planning everything I had to do once I was better.

So liberating….

What have you learned in your moments of chosen stillness – or perhaps forced ones, like me…?

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