Episode: 79

The Power Of Forgiveness

The Power Of Forgiveness

“If your lack of forgiveness is crippling your soul and spirit, be assured that it’s also affecting you physically in the long term. Sometimes we need to find forgiveness towards those who hurt us, so we can stop hurting ourselves with past events that we cannot change.” – Anne Hellgren

In todays divided and divisive society where people are so quick to pass judgment on to others, it’s important to talk about forgiveness when we feel we’ve been wronged. I see forgiveness as a conscious effort to let go of feeling anger, hurt, and other negative emotions that have held you back from progressing the way you desire. In this episode, I encourage people to think about the following:

  • What does it mean to forgive?
  • When we forgive others for our own sake and healing.
  • The benefits of forgiveness.
  • How your lack of forgiveness and anger can be poisoning your spirit.
  • Forgiving yourself and having self-grace for yourself.

I really think a lot of people need to hear this message to start on their own healing journey around forgiving those who have wronged them. I promise you, building a forgiving spirit can be one of the best gifts you give yourself! So please share this episode and help create a more compassionate and loving effect that is much needed today!

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