Episode: 72

The Influence of Self-Talk in Attracting the Love You Want

The Influence of Self-Talk in Attracting the Love You Want

“Be responsible for your happiness, your emotions, and your thoughts. Have some self-love and self-grace towards yourself, just the way you’d have to someone that you love.” – Anne Hellgren

I am joined by Stuart Wade, a clinical hypnotherapist and sports performance mind coach. As an athlete and a person who has always been interested in how the mind works, this led him to pursue a degree in sports science which includes sports psychology.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of having a positive mindset and how it can affect your relationships. So if you are aiming to have a good relationship with yourself and others, this episode is for you!

Everyone has struggled with negative self-talk. As human beings, we are wired to notice the bad over the good things. This can stem from a past experience like bullying, or it can come from your personal trait of being self-critical or perfectionistic. But there is a way to end this vicious cycle and it starts with you!

It all starts with mindfulness – be aware of what you take in and spill on others. Take a moment to identify your wants, and focus on them. Do something that will feed your happiness, it can be going to the gym for a workout, a stroll in the park, creating a spiritual practice, eating healthy food, or getting a good amount of sleep. Maybe a change in your environment is necessary to do the trick.

It’s not too late to rewire our brains for positivity. Know that by being the best version of yourself, you are easily attracting what you want and that includes happy and healthy relationships. The results may not happen overnight but with continuous practice coupled with self-grace, you will surely get there.

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