Episode: 85

The Importance of Your Circle Of People

The Importance of Your Circle Of People

“I think it’s great to be as honest as you can with others, BUT, I don’t believe everyone deserves your vulnerability. If you don’t feel safe and open enough in a relationship, romantic or non-romantic, exercise wisdom in what you share.” – Anne Hellgren

I am joined by Natalie Arabella Bailey on this interview to discuss the importance of who and what we allow into our lives, and making the conscious decision to make the changes necessary. 

Natalie is a Property Developer, Coach, and Mentor, with a passion for health, wealth, and happiness. 

This is a very inspirational podcast on how to improve all areas of your health, that is, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. We also talk about confidence and how all these factors go on to affect all other areas of your life! 

If you’re looking to hear inspirational stories and get a boost in your motivation to improve your life- this is for you! I promise it will leave you feeling empowered to achieve higher and new heights! 

Natalie co-owns a property company with her mum, which also makes for a great conversation on how to navigate relationships with family members when it can be challenging to do so!

If you are struggling to live the life you desire, please reach out to anne@annehellgren.com for a complimentary coaching call as thank you for being a listener to this podcast.

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With love, Anne xx

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