Episode: 102

Surviving and Thriving after a Psychotic Breakdown

Surviving and Thriving after a Psychotic Breakdown

“Don’t live your life skeptical of giving kindness to others in fear that your kindness will be used as a weakness. Give it anyway, and let others decide what they do with it. Then decide to keep repeating your kindness based on their actions, not just their words.” – Anne Hellgren

In this episode, I have a very candid conversation with Liv Slania, a Criminal Justice peer supporter and the Founder of Superheroics. Liv shares her story of how she found herself getting arrested for arson with an attempt to murder, which carries a life sentence. Her psychosis breakdown led to a series of events that forever changed her life. She lost everything, including her home, friends, and everything she knew to be real. 

This story is bound to move you to the core as she shares what it feels like to go through a psychotic breakdown, get detached from reality, and not even know what is or isn’t real. She speaks about her suicidal thoughts and planning after being arrested for arson and facing a lifetime sentence. 

She also shares how she came out of this horrible place and what she describes as a living hell. Her current work around mental health and her work in her own company that she founded – Superheroics – is inspirational and extremely empowering for all. 

This episode is not just for those who have some connection to mental illness but for us all as a society to understand how we can support and provide hope to those in need. 

If you have any mental health issues or know someone who does, please get in touch with Liv Slania on her details below. No one should be suffering alone, and please remember that you are never alone. 

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With Love, Anne  

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