Episode: 22

7 Signs You’re Settling In Your Relationship!

Overcoming the Fear of Judgement About Your Sexuality

“Stop waiting to be chosen, or be glad that you have been chosen. Instead, decide that you have the power to choose, and don’t settle for less than you deserve.”

We often settle for things and people without even knowing that we have actually settled. We find ourselves accepting the way things are out of habit or circumstances. But even worse, we can find ourselves accepting a relationship or future potential partners because we lack a higher sense of self-worth and confidence. This has been the case for me and many of my clients. One thing that we have all had in common, is we deserved better. And if you find yourself wondering if you’re settling in your dating, relationship or marriage, listen to this episode. It might just be the biggest game changer in your relationship.

In this episode, I will share 7 signs that you may be settling into your relationship. Though there are many more, here are my fundamental ones:

  1. You fantasize about a future without them or daydream about being single.
  2. You do not respect them.
  3. You find yourself envying happy couples.
  4. The relationship feels like a chore.
  5. You wish they were someone else, perhaps more ambitious or inspiring.
  6. You feel you have to downplay your success, intelligence, or other great aspects of yourself.
  7. They give you the ‘ick’.

I want to inspire anyone who feels like they are settling to ask themselves why they are doing so. I wish for everyone to go through life and relationships with the right people- not a mediocre version of who we desire to be with. And until that right and deserving person comes along, you will recognize that sleeping in the middle of your bed is better than sleeping on the side, next to the wrong person.

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