Episode: 5

Should I Stay In My Relationship for the Sake of My Children?


“The more we encourage dysfunctional relationships to brew at the core of the family and the kids download these templates, they are going to (if they are not lucky) have similar dysfunctional relationships which downloads into another generation.”

In episode 5 I am joined by Maggie Safro, a personal and business growth consultant as well as an Akashic records consultant. In this episode we discuss whether or not it’s wise to stay in an unhappy or dysfunctional relationship for the sake of the children. You will hear both our views on this question and why we believe what we do. We also share personal stories around this topic.

Episode Highlights:

  • How being in an unhappy or dysfunctional relationship affects your children; even when one or both of the parents try to hide the issues.
  • Children inherit the DNA of the environment they are in; whether it is consciously or subconsciously inherited.
  • The effects that this goes on to have on the children, both at a young age and as adults. We discuss how our relationship attachment styles are also affected as a result of being in that environment.
  • I share my personal story of how it was to grow up with parents that had their issues and how that affected me then and now.
  • How you can minimise the effects of a divorce or separation on children, if you choose to leave.

I hope this episode serves you and please reach out to me if you want to discuss any of the issues that may be affecting you.

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