Episode: 20

How Open and Safe Is Your Relationship Environment?

Overcoming the Fear of Judgement About Your Sexuality

“If you feel like you are emotionally or physically attracted to someone else, does your relationship offer you a safe enough space to share this with your partner?” – Brad Harmsworth

I’m joined by Brad Harmsworth, who also happens to be my first male guest. He is a serial entrepreneur and co-owns 5 businesses with his wife Xtina Harmsworth. He also has a background in psychology and isn’t afraid to go against the grain in what he thinks and says.

 In this episode we discuss the following:

  • Emotional and physical affairs and how these are created and can be avoided.
  • The reality of being attracted to other people.
  • How emotional connections outside your relationship can be more hurtful than a physical one.
  • Our social needs and how we dangerously rely on one person to meet them all.
  • How to create a strong identity and self-awareness for yourself.
  • About our purpose and if our spouse is helping us fulfill it – or is distracting us from it.
  • Treating dating like an interview so you stop wasting your time and effort – and pain.

Brad is an amazing guest, not only because of his interesting views, but because he is very candid and has no interest in sugarcoating anything he says! 

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