Episode: 45

How Do Relationships Change Over Time

Relationship Change

“Comfort in a relationship is great. But when you start failing to appreciate someone’s worth or contributions, you’ve crossed into ‘Too comfortable’. This is usually the start of the end.” – Anne Hellgren

All relationships will change over time, whether because we make a conscious effort to work towards growing together, or we don’t. When we do, it usually produces positive results as you are aware that you are going together even if it’s not in the same way. However, when growth occurs separately and in different directions, the results tend to be a separation from each other and the end of the relationship. Or in some cases, people exist in the relationship as flatmates or friends rather than a couple.

This episode will discuss how relationships change over time and will focus on the five below.

  • External factors, health, finances, people
  • Change in priorities
  • Intimacy shifts
  • Communication and Conflict 
  • Increased Comfort 

While all the above is very unique to each couple, it’s important to remember that you can both make a conscious effort to work through each of these areas in a way that enhances the connection and love you aspire for. Too often people forget to treat their partner the way they did when they first started dating. While we cannot expect this constantly throughout the relationship, it’s important not to forget about dating your spouse, just because you’ve been together for a long period of time. 

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