Episode: 56

Protect Your Peace

Protect Your Peace

“Don’t let other people’s unhealed trauma be your daily drama.” – Anne Hellgren

In this episode I will be keeping it short, sweet and very real! I want to talk to you about how you need to learn to protect your peace in your relationships. Just because you are in a relationship, doesn’t mean that you are responsible for constant negative damping from your partner. It doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to live in a constant state of drama caused by your partner. And sure as hell doesn’t mean that you are constantly responsible for managing their moods and healing all their wounds.

We each need to take responsibility for how we show up in our relationships. We are responsible for our happiness, emotional regulation and peace of mind. So that said, I encourage you to take charge of these factors and make sure that you evaluate if what you are getting from your relationship is growing you or draining you. Then make the decision to either change a draining relationship through seeking help, or changing the environment. Either way, the choice to protect your peace is on you- whichever way you choose to do so.

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