Episode: 77

Protect Your Peace & Pick Peace Over Drama

Protect Your Peace

“We need to consciously and actively make choices about what we are removing and what we are allowing into our lives. I want to remind you that YOU have power over the level of peace you experience- so make choices that birth peace, not drama.” – Anne Hellgren

You will never bloom into your full potential while planted in polluted or toxic soil!

We rarely need to look hard to find things and people that are readily and keen to steal our peace. Sometimes it’s not even done consciously but by the content we consume on TV, social media, news etc. What we fail to notice is how these constant negative or divisive messages affect us. And sometimes it’s a completely intentional attempt to steal our peace from people who thrive in drama. Either way, I encourage you to enter a season and lifetime of a peaceful attitude and spirit.

Getting the right kind of people into your life will be a game changer for you in all areas of your life. You cannot thrive in an environment that distracts you with negativity. Or gets you to focus on non-sense issues, while the things that really matter to you fall off your schedule or priority.

Liste in to this episode to understand how you can get the following:

  • Emotional detachment
  • Psychological detachment
  • Physical detachment
  • Improved communication
  • How your own behaviour is changed by constant and intense toxic environments
  • How your own mindset if affected by toxic people or things

I really think a lot of people need to hear this message to start on their journey of living a peaceful life! You will never bloom into your full potential while planted in polluted or toxic soil! Remember- it’s a choice you make, so make the choice to protect your peace!

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