Episode: 36

How to Pick Your Battles In Your Relationship

Pick Your Battles

Not everything warrants a response and not every response is warranted.” – Anne Hellgren

In all relationships, there are moments when you get into arguments with your partner and you just can’t seem to see their side of things. Or perhaps you do, but your ego or pride won’t let you admit that you may just be wrong on this one. So then the arguments continue and if you’re lucky, you may choose to agree to disagree, if that is an option. 

On today’s episode, I want to address how and when we pick our battles in a relationship. I invite you to ask yourself if that is really a warranted argument. Or are we just picking arguments for the sake of it? Or perhaps blowing things out of proportion and letting things escalate well beyond needed? And also, how and where are you choosing to have these arguments?

I will share 7 points with you on how to discern how and when to pick your battles so you can avoid unnecessary arguments in your relationship while maintaining a healthy dynamic.

Remember that every relationship is unique and what works for one couple may not work for another. The key is to approach conflict with a mindset of collaboration and mutual respect in order to maintain a healthy and strong relationship.

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