Episode: 81

Overcoming Cultural Programming to Empower Yourself

Overcoming Cultural Programming to Empower Yourself

“Evaluate what cultural programming you have and notice if it’s serving your authentic self and values. Keep those that are, and change those that aren’t. It may not be easy, but well worth it if you’re seeking true happiness.” – Anne Hellgren

I’m joined by Shreya Parekh, host of the EmpowerHer Podcast and inspirational woman who is giving women a platform to share their stories to help empower other women into their highest selves through their stories. 

Shreya and I discuss our shared stories of the complexities around being a strong and outspoken woman in cultures that look down on that. She has accomplished more in her life and education than was expected of her, especially being brought up in an Asian society by a single mum. She also shares views around how the Asian cultural she grew up in had racist and sexist views and how she navigated around that, given it was so far removed from her own values and beliefs. 

 We also talk about how our health and relationships affect all other areas of our lives! This was a significant lesson that we learned through the pandemic, and I believe the lessons should continue to be applied. 

 This podcast is for people who are looking to empower themselves as a whole – from a spiritual, health, and relationship aspect. You will learn that once you have worked on these areas- all other areas of your life start to improve- including your financial growth.

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