Episode: 67

Overcoming an Unhealthy Relationship With Alcohol

Overcoming an Unhealthy Relationship With Alcohol

“Do you like yourself when you’re drunk? If not, it’s important to evaluate your relationship with alcohol.” – Sophie Swinn

I am joined by Sophie Swinn, an Executive and Leadership Coach, and mental health ambassador. With steadfast courage and remarkable optimism, she has transformed adversity into opportunities for growth and emerged triumphant in both her personal and professional life.

This conversation with Sophie honestly discusses how an unhealthy relationship with alcohol affected her and her relationships. She went through toxic and abusive relationships while admitting that she too suffered from unhealthy attachment styles and was at times the cause of the toxic relationship. However, she decided to stop drinking and had therapy. This decision turned her life around completely!

Though it wasn’t an overnight change, her story is truly inspiring as she now has an amazing relationship with her husband and children. She also enjoys a successful career.  

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