Episode: 3

Do People Really Have Just One Soulmate?


“Sometimes souls connect with each other for a determined amount of time to teach us something as part of the journey here on Earth.” – Maggie Safro

In this episode we discuss the importance of self-love and what it actually means to love yourself first. We hear time and again that in order to be in a loving relationship, we must first learn to love ourselves. We cannot give to others what we do not have ourselves. We also discuss the concept of soulmates and whether we are created to live happily ever after with one person only.

When two souls grow apart with time, it makes sense for people to go their separate ways in a positive and loving manner.

Maggie will share her insightful thoughts on why people, increasingly, do not stay together.

She shares her thoughts on personal growth and how this affects our relationships.

She also talks about Akashic Records and how she works with her clients to help them move forward in their lives using this method to uncover unhealthy repeated patterns.

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