Episode: 54

Navigating Open Relationships and Non-Monogamy

Navigating Open Relationships and Non-Monogamy

“Love knows no bounds. Open relationships offer a path to redefine commitment and embrace limitless connections.” Anne Hellgren

I was drawn to this topic following a conversation I had with a friend during the week. Most of today’s society will make us believe that monogamy is the standard way to exist in a romantic relationship and while I believe the vast majority favour it too, I am drawn to explore the topic of non-monogamy relationships. And why some people choose to have open and non-monogamous relationships.

This episode explores the challenges and benefits of having more than one romantic partner at a time. And when and how it works and doesn’t work out. What rules need to be in place and when does it go from non-monogamous to cheating?

Have you or are you currently in an open or non-monogamy relationship and would like to share your direct views on this podcast? Send me an email on anne@annehellgren.com and would love to have you on the show!

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