Episode: 1

My Story and Why I Want to Serve You

“It’s almost impossible to have a healthy and happy relationship with yourself first, then others, without having these essential pillars, Self-worth, self-confidence, self-clarity.”

In this episode I share with you a personal story of my own relationship dating habits. It starts off from the age of 19 years old when I was in a physically, psychologically, and emotionally abusive relationship.

I also share how that experience, as well as the experience of growing up in a culture that normalised physical abuse affected my relationships.

You’ll get insight into how I was able to stop my dysfunctional dating patterns and what it took for me to turn things around for me to break out of that toxic cycle.

I share this story with you so you may get to know me better and understand why I am so passionate about helping empower people in their relationships. I truly believe that love has to start with yourself — that is, loving yourself first! Only then can you attract and maintain the kind of relationships you desire and deserve.

If any of the conversation triggers you or affects you, please feel free to reach out to me directly via email. I’m always happy to support you in your journey to a happier you!

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