Episode: 70

Can We Really Have It All?

Interview With Moniqe Fiddes

Moniqe Fiddes

You want a long-lasting relationship, you need to make sure you are actually great FRIENDS with your partner, and support each others GROWTH!” – Anne Hellgren

Moniqe Fiddes is an South African songwriter, superstar musician, and multi-million-pound entrepreneur. She is also the wife of Matt Fiddes who is well known for his outstanding success as a businessman and friend of the late Michael Jackson.

In this episode, Moniqe and I discuss how she was a very well known success in her own right, before getting married to Matt. She grew her music career in South Africa while keeping her sights on a larger goal of being successful and providing for her family. She shares her story of being held at gunpoint in South Africa while her father was robbed of his whole pension money as her family home was robbed of all valuables!

She also shares her story of how she met Matt while he was in South Africa, a beautiful story indeed!

Moniqe is an open book and also shares insights into how Matt’s relationship with Michael Jackson also had an effect on their relationship.

We then discuss how it is to be a mother of 3 young children (6 in total) while running her successful property portfolio, her music career, and massive support for her husband. She is truly an inspiring woman and powerhouse!

Tune in to this episode and learn how we view having it all as a society and what it means to be truly happy in our own right! For a couple in the public eye, I highly admire how genuine and honest Moniqe is about her professional and private life!

If you haven’t already, make sure you also listen to Matt Fiddes’s interview on this podcast, episode 51! Again- such an inspiring and honest conversation!!

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