Episode: 16

Love Yourself First to Date Better

self love

“If you want a happy and successful relationship, start with creating one with yourself first.”

There is a tone of advice out there on what makes for a great and long lasting relationship. Some of this advice provides cheesy and manipulating advice on how to date – personally I cannot stand it. I truly believe that if you want a lasting and joyful relationship, work on yourself first and learn how to love yourself – unapologetically. There are some key factors that I think we need to master within ourselves to be able to attract the right kind of person for us. And to be able to maintain that relationship. 

In this episode I will be sharing with you the key factors I help my clients work on, in our private coaching sessions as well as the group sessions. These things have help all my clients gain better self-confidence, self-clarity, great communication skills and a mindset that serves them at their highest self. My clients have then gone on to find relationships that are suitable for them – authentically – and that match their needs. This means they stop going from one dysfunctional relationship to another – saving them a huge amount of time, money and heartache

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