Episode: 38

How Working As A Team Can Improve Your Relationship With Kieron Achara OLY MBE


 “Happiness is not something you achieve in a relationship. It’s a by-product of all the great things you put into your relationship.” – Kieron Achara  

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking to Kieron Achara OLY MBE, who is a Former pro basketball player, 2012 Olympic athlete, and 2018 Commonwealth Games athlete. Kieron is now working as Non-Executive Director at OneRen, a British Basketball Analyst at Buzz 16 Productions, a Sports Development Executive at Frog Systems Ltd, and an Athlete Mentor and Associate at Switch The Play. He is also passionate about diversity, inclusion, positive mental health, and helping others reach their full potential.

Kieron shares his story on what is what like to play basketball at a professional level and represent Scotland and Great Britain at national team level. He speaks about how his experience of working as team taught him valuable lessons around creating and maintaining relationships, the downsides of his nomadic life and the impact it had on his relationships. 

These experiences have led him to become a better communicator, seek clarity on what is important, why it is important and how to compromise. He shares very valuable insights on how we can use communication, self-awareness, and clarity in our relationships to create the kind of relationships that we desire for ourselves.

His views on the importance of working as a team in his relationship with his wife will be a game-changer for many! Rather than speaking about what he and his wife want to achieve as individuals only, he uses the term “we” to describe the shared goals and desires for their relationship- creating a “Team Achara” attitude that serves him, his wife, and 2 children. 

Listen in to this conversation to get amazing insights into how creating a “we” mentality in your relationship can create whatever you want for you and your partner! 

We also talk about mental health and the importance of speaking out and seeking help when needed. In a culture that stigmatizes men for speaking up about their mental and emotional struggles, it is a much-needed conversation. 

If you feel you have been affected by any of the discussions in this episode, please reach out to me on anne@annehellgren.com. I would love to help you on your journey to better and healthier relationships! 

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