Episode: 65

How Your Expectations and Programming Affect Your Life

How Your Expectations and Programming Affect Your Life

“We need to create a society where we stop our need for constant and immediate gratification and accept delayed gratification as normality in certain circumstances. This is especially important when striving for growth, connection, and success.” – Anne Hellgren

I am joined by Julie Fitzpatrick, award-winning Therapist and coach and Founder of Millieside Therapy & Coaching. She works with empowering Business Owners and professionals to Unlock the power of their imagination so they can Become Unstoppable!

In this episode, we discuss how our programming and current society are affecting how we show up in life and how we react to what is happening to us. As coaches, we dive into the topic of the current state of how we live, in which a lack of presence, entitlement, constant offense, and need for instant gratification have formed our life experiences and relationships with those around us. How mindful are we about how our newly formed attitudes of constant dissatisfaction in the smallest of things are affecting our relationships, romantic or not?

We also share some tools and techniques to help you get back into a healthier mindset that serves us, rather than keeps us trapped in a state of constantly feeling like we are lacking or not enough. This is an episode for those who need an uplifting message that the best is yet to come if we adopt a healthy mindset and move away from negative thoughts when we can.

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