Episode: 91

How To Stop Self-Sabotage

How To Stop Self-Sabotage

“Not loving and respecting yourself is in itself a way of self-sabotage. Therefore, it becomes impossible to self-sabotage when you’ve mastered self-love and self-respect.” – Anne Hellgren

Let’s spend time together on this episode discussing something that doesn’t get enough air time. I think it’s important because it has the potential to make or break whatever we do in all areas of our lives. This is our tendency to self-sabotage ourselves.

We have all said or heard it said by others, why do “these kinds of things keep happening to me?” or some variation of it. When we experience negative or difficult situations, our first instinct isn’t self-reflection to see our role in them. At least not for most. But, I want to challenge you through this episode to start asking yourself what role you played in getting the experience you are going through. 

This isn’t about beating yourself up or shaming yourself. It’s about learning how you sabotaged the results or experiences that you wanted. 

I will share with you a couple of signs that you may be self-sabotaging yourself before discussing why you may be doing so. I will then share with you a couple of ideas on how to stop this soul-destroying practice and learn to live the life you want instead. Let’s be honest: These self-sabotaging behaviors may serve a purpose, but they’re definitely not the results we desire or should strive for.

Some of the things discussed in this show will include: 

  • Substance Abuse
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Procrastination and Avoidance
  • Impulsive Actions
  • Low Self- esteem 
  • Past Trauma
  • Fear of failure or success
  • Self-awareness, patterns, and triggers
  • Seeking help 
  • Practicing self grace and self-love

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