Episode: 57

How to Love Yourself More – 3 Things I Let Go Of

Self Love

“Get into a place where you know you value yourself, you love yourself. And because of that love you have for yourself, you make better choices in your relationships, health, finances, parenting, friendships, career,
and so on.” – Anne Hellgren

In this episode, I am going to go deep and vulnerable about what I did to learn to love myself more. I did cause I know not doing it would keep me on a path of dysfunctional habits, thoughts and actions. I wanted more for myself and I hope this episode inspires you to think about what you are currently doing in your life that is stopping you from having the kind of relationship you want with yourself first – then others. As I always say, it starts with you!

Now I am able to proudly stand in my peace and truth of who I am and how I show up – even during the bad days – my self-love helps me endorse the tough moments and keeps me going.

I talk about:

  • Let go of other people’s opinions
  • Let go of negotiating my self-worth
  • Let go of thinking self-love is selfish

What is it that you need to stop doing? What do you need to let go of? Would love to hear your shares, send me an email on anne@annehellgren.com!

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