Episode: 60

How to Fail Forward in Your Relationships

How to Fail Forward in Your Relationships

“There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. But every relationship has the ability to teach you something about yourself, others, and the world.” – Anne Hellgren

In this episode, I’m talking about how to fail forward when your relationships fail. Usually, failed relationships aren’t something most of us want. And in fact, can be an extremely difficult time for many. With divorce rates in the Western world averaging 52% (currently), there are clearly a lot of failed relationships out there. This is not even counting non-marriages.

I discuss what it really means to fail forward in a relationship, and how we can use failed relationships to improve our lives moving forward. And also how to let go of things and behaviors that may be keeping you in a pattern of failed relationships. I will also share some tools that you can use if you find that you need to heal from a failed relationship that has felt you hurt, angry, disappointed, and more. 

If you feel that you are going through a stage in your life and want some support on how to overcome it, reach out to me at anne@annehellgren. Life is best lived when you are able to learn, heal and move on from what doesn’t serve you!

As always, I would be forever grateful if you can share this. 2023 has taught me that many of us are in the same boat – just not aware of it or sharing the same language or courage to share our own experiences. Let’s make a difference if and where we can.

With love till next week….

P.S. I have got a NEW AND EXCITING series coming up soon…. STAY TUNED my lovelies xx

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