Episode: 21

What Does It Take To Have a 20-Year Happy Marriage Plus a Successful Career?


“It’s important to treat people the way they want to be treated, rather than how we would like to be treated ourselves” – David Roberts

I’m very excited to be joined today by David Roberts. David is a highly regarded CEO, mentor, and investor with 30 years of experience across multiple sectors. As an intrapreneur and entrepreneur David has bought, grown, started, and sold several businesses, working with value-driven start-ups, award-winning SMEs, and multinational corporations on strategies for service excellence, leadership, and profitable growth. David’s passion is for purpose and creating an environment where everyone can succeed, through building teams that get things done, execute their mission with passion, deliver exceptional service and really make a difference.

David and I talk about the challenges, balance, and successes of having a very successful career, being a podcast host, husband, and father to two daughters, as well as all his other roles.

The topics include:

  • How marriage requires work, within ourselves as well as a couple. He shares what has been working well for him and his wife Penny to help them sustain a happy 20-year marriage. 
  • Understanding that we are all different and it’s more important and effective to treat your partner how they want to be treated, rather than how we want to be treated.
  • How it’s important to focus on what you actually want in your relationship (and life), rather than focusing on what you don’t want.
  • Celebrate your partner and having your partner celebrating you is a key aspect of building a greater and deeper connection with each other.
  • Communication and honesty are huge aspects of any healthy relationship. Being able to say what we mean without fear. 
  • Have those open conversations about what it is you want and need and understand the same for your partner.

This episode gives detailed insight into what it takes to have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship long term. Listen to the shared stories and get inspired!

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