Episode: 28

How Communication, Self-Love, and Mental Health Equals Greater Relationships!

Great Relationship

“As long as you and your partner are willing, you can learn how to communicate effectively as it is a skill that can be learned.” – Maz Ifzal

I’m delighted to be joined by Maz Ifzal who is a passionate and committed Public Speaking and Communication skills expert. Having acquired her experience working for some of the highest-profile financial institutions, she has intelligently transitioned her skill set to become an industry-leading expert in her field.

We have all heard that without good communication, a relationship is doomed to fail. Maz and I discuss what is meant by great communication, how to have it in your relationships, and where people go wrong with it in romantic relationships.

We also discuss the importance of self-love and why making sure you fill your cup first is essential for your own happiness and those around you. This can be especially important in a society that has taught us to put everyone’s needs ahead of our own. We see this happening often in certain cultures and also more so in women who are raised to be natural carers, rightfully or wrongly so.

Mental health is also a passionate topic for both of us and so we look at how we can all be doing more to ensure that we all get the help we need, as soon as we need it. Again, we discuss why certain cultures, upbrings, and gender can influence if they seek out mental help when needed. In this case, we see less men seeking help, but fortunately, there is a change for the better in recent years, but much more work is still needed.

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