Episode: 18

8 Great Tips to Help You Get Over a Break-Up!

Overcoming the Fear of Judgement About Your Sexuality

 If you fail to deal with your past issues they have nasty way of crawling back into your life. I highly encourage you to do the work needed to move forward.

Most of us have been there, a broken relationship and a broken heart. It totally sucked, or perhaps still does. The relationship is over – so what now? How do you move on in the most healthy and self-caring way? 

In this episode, I share 8 great tips on how to get over a relationship breakup..

Through my own relationship experiences and those of my clients in my group and private coaching, I pick out the most effective ones and share them with you.

These points will help you move on from the past so you can start looking into a brighter and happier future. 

These points aren’t always easy to do, but I promise you, if you listen in and do the work, you will be amazed!

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You’re not alone- so please don’t feel you need to suffer alone.

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