Episode: 35

How Does Feminine and Masculine Energy Affect Your Relationship?

Feminine and Masculine Energy

“You can only meet someone as deeply as you meet yourself.” – Marta Hyder

I’m joined by Marta Hyder, the Founder of ‘Goddess Thing’ and an amazingly creative artist. Join us in this episode as we explore how general trauma affects us as individuals and in our relationships. We also look at how we develop certain habits and expectations based on what we experienced growing up and how they then affect our overall interactions with others and our self-talk. 

We also look at our social, religious, cultural, and other influential conditioning factors that have an effect on us, for better or worse. Though we have different backgrounds and come from different cultures, we both come from cultures that have a huge impact on how we are expected to behave. This brings us to a conversation that we are both very passionate about. That is, how our generational and current conditioning and trauma affect our perceptions of what it means to be masculine and feminine. We answer the questions:

  • What does it really mean to be masculine and feminine and why is it important to distinguish these terms in a relationship, if at all?  
  • What effects it has on Marta and me, identifying as female, and on our partners, who identify as male? 

This conversation will without a doubt cause strong and dividing views! I would love to hear your views and take on this topic. Please feel free to share by sending me an email at anne@annehellgren.com

Also, if you would like to be a guest on the podcast and share your views on a topic about relationships, please get in touch via emailing me at anne@annehellgren.com. Would love to have a chat and see if we are a good fit for each other! 

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