Episode: 83

Family Relationship Breakdowns and What To Do

Family Relationship Breakdowns and What To Do

“Having your family relationship break down can cause trauma and hurt.
If you wish to heal from it, you must first accept the truth of the situation. That is, is this something you want and/or should fix? And second, forgive them and yourself as needed. Only then can you start on your healing journey.” – Anne Hellgren

I’m joined by Jenny Micthell, who co-owns and runs two property businesses with her husband. She is also a very honest, positive, and beautiful ray of lovely energy! In this episode, Jenny and I talk about the relationship breakdowns in families. All relationships in our lives can have a profound effect on us and Jenny’s story will definitely move you to your core.

In her 20s she found out that her sister was having an affair with her best friend and confronted her sister about it and told her parents. This resulted in her being abandoned by her whole family and she has not been in contact with them for over 23 years, despite her attempts to build bridges.

Jenny shares how this break in the relationship between her and her family drove her to a drinking problem that lasted over 10 years before she finally quit drinking. She also shares the trauma experienced from this loss and the effects on her marriage and parenting.

She shares openly about what healing methodologies helped her to deal with the trauma and loss, in the hope that others may be inspired to reach out for help as well.

Living with undealt open wounds can be destructive. If you also find yourself or someone you know in need of help to deal with relationship breakdowns that are affecting them, please reach out to me at anne@annehellgren.com for help.

The longer we go on suffering in silence the more precious time we waste in that sad, angry, depressed, frustrated, or defeated state. You can change that now.

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