Episode: 53

Escaping The Cycle Of Domestic Abuse

Escaping The Cycle Of Domestic Abuse

“Unless we have open and honest conversations about abuse, it will keep happening behind closed doors – just as the abuser would have it.” – Anne Hellgren

This week I share an interview where I was interviewed by Anthea McCourtie on her podcast ‘Action Women.’ I share my own experiences with domestic abuse and how I have broken the toxic and terrifying cycle of abuse suffered at the hands of past partners. I also share about my work and how I help others to gain and maintain meaningful, empowering relationships.

Some Key Points:

  • People sometimes suffer domestic abuse in silence because they are afraid to talk about the things that matter. If we don’t vocalize, then we cannot hope to heal effectively.
  • Escaping domestic abuse is not an easy thing. Often we are so conditioned by the time it begins that our initial reaction to its appearance is a loss of hope and a feeling of being trapped.
  • Cultures often dictate that women are meant to be subservient to their spouses. Submission is taught, and normalised. This needs to change.
  • Change has to begin within ourselves if we want it to take root. Start by loving yourself, which will make abuse a crime against someone we come to care for.

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