Episode: 30

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Improve Your Relationships!

Emotional Intelligence

“Before you get into a relationship, learn to know yourself FIRST, so you know what you want, need, values, beliefs.” – Maggie Safro

Joined by Owen Nwanebu, a certified executive and conversational intelligence coach, and one of the few persons certified to administer social and emotional intelligence profile (SEIP). Owen teaches people how to transform their lives and relationships with emotional intelligence skills. He guides people through the simple yet powerful process of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management to help people achieve life-changing results.

Owen is the host of “Transforming Relationships with Emotional Intelligence”. He is also an active speaker in the Emotional Intelligence clubhouse and the founder of www.owenico.club and www.owenicoconsult.com. He’s also published an ebook: ‘The Power of Self-Confidence’ on Amazon and other digital book platforms.

This episode talks about how we can use Emotional Intelligence to improve ourselves and our relationships through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Self-awareness is so essential and we look at it by asking the right questions about what we want, need, don’t want, what we can and cannot handle, our programming, traumas, etc. in ourselves and our relationships. And how they then go on to shape you and your relationship. We also discuss how we need to work within ourselves to recognise our own flaws, change them if we wish to, take ownership of our behaviour, and work on ourselves to become the person we want to be. 

This is an extremely insightful conversation that will be relevant to everyone as we all need self-awareness and social awareness to navigate ALL aspects of our lives! 

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