Episode: 11

Addicted to Drama in Relationships


“If you have ever been in a relationship with someone who always had to cause some kind of chaos, you will know that it’s a wonder why you are still sane.”

In today’s episode I’m talking about people who are addicted to drama in their relationships. They might not even know that their behaviour is toxic or unhealthy, at best. They are just so used to chaos and dysfunction, that they think it is the normal way to live and operate in a relationship.

Chances are they are modelling patterns and behaviours observed from childhood. This can be from their parents or carers relationship. This can also be from the relationship they had themselves with their parents or careers. Sometimes we also develop this addiction to dysfunction from teens or early adulthood. Either way, you want to identify these behaviours and break free from them – whether it’s your own behaviour or someone else’s.

We will be discussing what causes these addictive behaviours to drama, how to heal from them, and what a healthy relationship should really look like.

If you find yourself or someone you know in this situation but are struggling to leave, you want to listen to this episode!!

I hope this episode serves you and please reach out to me if you want to discuss any of the issues that may be affecting you in your relationship/s.

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