Episode: 87

Does Love At First Sight Exist?

Does Love At First Sight Exist

“When love builds up too fast, I believe it’s important to take a moment to tune into your intuition. Ask yourself if it is love, attraction, or just lust. While all 3 can exist at the same time, confusing lust for love can be a messing game!” – Anne Hellgren

This episode is taken from a new and exciting podcast series I created with 4 other coaches called Relationship Secrets Unlocked.” Join Julie Fitzpatrick, Claire Auchmuty, Ksenia Droben, Gazala Saleem, and me as we discuss if love at first sight does exist! 

We discuss where love at first sight really exists or whether we are confusing it for lust, or attraction at first sight. We also discuss how the various cultures, religions, backgrounds, and experiences of all 5 panelists feel about this topic. I promise you a very interesting discussion given the various personalities in the group and where our passions and expertise lay. 

 “Relationship Secrets Unlocked” is a uniquely enriching podcast series that presents a holistic view of relationships from an international and culturally diverse perspective. With an expert panel of five relationship coaches hailing from diverse cultural, religious, and professional backgrounds, the series aims to educate listeners about the complexities of human relationships and how to navigate them effectively.

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