Episode: 82

Do Soul Mates Exist?

Do Soul Mates Exist

“I believe that Soul mates are not found. They are recognized – two hearts resonating in harmony, sensed in a timeless connection that echoes through the depths of existence.” – Anne Hellgren

This episode is taken from The Art Of Connection series created by Alexander and I. We ask, how do we define soul mates and what does it really mean to be a soul mate? And what’s the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame? Alexander and I go deep and honest about the concept of whether we are really made to have that one particular person who is amazingly and “perfectly” made for you. Or if you meet someone and together you make each other perfect for each other. Or can you have more than one soul mate? 

The other question is, how do we know when we have found our soul mate? Are there any signs to look out for or is it just something we inherently know within us? 

This is a deep conversation and may have very different views but join us as we unpack this interesting topic and get some insights that will challenge your views on the idea of a soul mate! Make sure you listen to the full episode!

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