Episode: 37

Why ‘Do-Everything-Myself’ Syndrome Is Hurting You!

Do-Everything-Myself Syndrome

“The moment you decide you are going to do it alone is the moment you have decided to either fail or go slow at best.” – Anne Hellgren

As humans, we are created to be social beings who rely on others for our existence, happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and even survival. This is a fact that we know to be true from the moment we are born to our dying days. 

However, today’s society has installed a mentality that we need to rely on ourselves to achieve our goals in our careers, businesses, relationships, and all other aspects. The thought of being dependent on others for our well-being is also frowned upon and seen as a weakness. However, I believe that this mentality can be extremely damaging to us if applied in the wrong areas of our lives.

There are many reasons why we have abandoned ‘living in a village’ mentally to ‘each one for their own’ mentally. I discuss these in this episode and uncover some dangerous lies we have come to accept as a way of living. 

I also share with you how you can stop buying into the Do-Everything-Myself syndrome that is doing more harm than good. Instead, I inspire you to seek deeper connections, reach out when needed, be more compassionate and caring, and seek wisdom from those who can teach us. After all, are we still not reading and praising the wisdom and learnings from those who have come before us? 

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