Episode: 13

What Makes Us Desire Others When in a Relationship?


“Sexually desiring others even when in a relationship can be normal, lying about it should not be if you’re in a secure relationship.”

As a relationship coach, I know that having a sexual desire to someone other than your partner is common- more than we may admit out loud. I believe that it’s almost human nature to, especially if you have been in a long term relationship. Even more so if you have had your share of up’s and downs.

Is this normal? I believe it is. Yes, many will disagree and argue that if you truly love someone you should only desire them. But let’s for a minute imagine that sexual desire is not always linked to love. Sometimes it’s linked to lust – and nothing more. This can be the case for both men and women.

This episodes explores why we can strongly physically and sexually desire others while we still love our partners. I also talk about why we go from the desire to the actual action of being with someone else – whether it is a mutual decision as a couple, or whether it is cheating on a partner.

As usual I share my own personal experiences,so if you have questions around this topic, you’ll hear about my honest experiences and views.

If you feel like any of the content affects you or you wish to speak about it with a professional relationship coach, please reach out to me. I am always happy to discuss any of the issues that may be affecting you in your relationship/s.

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