Episode: 29

Re-Entering the Dating Game When You’re 40 Plus!

dating game

Courage comes before confidence. We therefore should always work on ourselves first.” – Lisa Murphy

This week I’m joined by Lisa Murphy, Healthy Aging Expert who’s been running her own business since 2013. She helps middle-aged women live longer, healthier, and more delicious lives while having more fun! She empowers them with my signature RAV protocol, so they can age healthfully, like I have learned how to do, in order to remain relevant, active, and vibrant (RAV).

Lisa left her lucrative corporate gig to travel the world after getting married. She studied Eastern philosophy and taught yoga to members of the royal family in Dubai. She later got divorced and instinctively she thought her world fell apart— that later changed! At the age of 47 she reinvented herself and now at 56 years young, her world is bigger and brighter than ever!

Lisa and I talk about:

  • Divorce and the effects of it when it happens later in life.
  • Losing our identities in relationships and how we go about re-discovering ourselves outside the tags of wife, mother, partner, etc.
  • Staying in relationships that we should have left sooner.
  • How generations and culture affect our dating habits and expectations of a relationship.
  • Being independent while still appreciating factors in a relationship that now seem to be seen as outdated.
  • How our happiness is directly related to our health and chronic loneliness and isolation can be deadly for our health.

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