Episode: 23

Should You Reconcile With a Cheating Partner?

cheating partner

“Before you give your partner a second chance, it’s important to really think about all that is involved in repairing your relationship and if you are truly up for the task.”

According to statics from A 2021 survey by Health Testing Centers polled 441 people and reported:

  • a little over 46% of respondents in a monogamous relationship said they had affairs
  • nearly 24% of marriages affected by infidelity reported staying together
  • 47.5% of relationships affected by cheating said they established and enforced new relationship rules, such as sharing phone passwords, to minimize the likelihood of more affairs

So the big questions answered in this episode are:

1. What defines cheating?

2. When should you consider a reconciliation?

  • They show true remorse without excuses for their behaviour
  • They recognise the pain they have caused you
  • They apologies sincerely
  • They take full responsibility

3. What are the red flags to NOT consider a reconciliation? 

  • The cheating occurred early in the relationship.
  • Your partner shows no remorse or does not apologize.
  • The cheating is serial or a pattern of behavior.
  • Your partner is abusive or controlling.
  • Your partner had an affair with an ex-partner. (BUT I DISAGREE WITH THIS ONE)

4. Be Realistic about the situation

  • Don’t let it affect your self-worth
  • How are they reacting to getting caught or with the truth coming out?
  • Was your relationship in a good and happy, healthy, and safe place? A very valuable question- Check out episode 20 with Brad Harmsworth!

5. How do you plan to heal from the pain, build intimacy again, rebuild trust and respect, and set boundaries?

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