Episode: 31

Mindset And Beliefs That Serve Us And Our Relationships


“It is important that you are aligned with your desire and believe you can get it, in order to get what you really want.” – Klementina Karol

Klementina Karol is a Deep Transformation Coach, Holistic Sustainability Consultant, and a Collective Visionary, working with leaders who are committed to Lead, Live, & Love consciously. Her mission is to connect the dots between collective sustainability and the deep connection to self. She’s inspired to work with leaders who want to do good at a scale, and are also willing to transform internally, so they can create in true alignment with self and source. 

In this episode, we talk about doing the inner work that is needed to create the kind of mindset and life that we desire. We also speak about limiting beliefs and past trauma and the effects they have on our relationships and dating partners and decisions. We also take on a holistic view of how we can make more informed decisions as well as empower ourselves, in all areas of our lives. 

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