Episode: 59

Be Unapologetically You

Be Unapologetically You

“As much as I don’t like using the word ‘regret’, I feel strongly enough on this one to use it. My one regret is not showing up UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME sooner in my life.” – Anne Hellgren

If you are anything like the vast majority of people around the world, you have struggled with always showing up as your authentic self, constantly and unapologetically. 

We are so conditioned – FROM BIRTH – to feel, act, think, and be in a certain way. Sometimes this serves us so beautifully. Sometimes it hinders and hurts and even destroys us so fundamentally. 

The saddest thing, in my view, is that the conditioning goes on well beyond our childhood. You can form ideas of your worth and what is “wrong” with you or “acceptable” with you and etc based well after your childhood. 

I want to unpick these issues in this podcast. I want to discuss where we get our programming that forms us so we can question – IS THIS REALLY ME? 

When we do identify “it” is me – or at the least the version I want to be even if I’m not there yet, how can I stop believing that I need to be apologetic for being me? Not the programmed me – but the me that has perhaps gone against what the family, religion, culture, society and everyone’s damn expectations of me should look like and be like?

This is a deep one and will shake some feathers – within you and in your circle of people!!! You have been warned…BUT I PROMISE YOU…doing the work to show up unapologetically you is the BEST GIFT you will ever give yourself!! 

Reach out to me on anne@annehellgren.com if you want any support on this or other relationship and self identity issues.

As always, I am forever grateful if you can share this. One thing 2023 has taught me is that many of us are in the same boat – just not aware of it or sharing the same language or courage to share our own experiences. Let’s make a difference if and where we can.

With love till next week….

P.S. I have got a NEW AND EXCITING series coming up soon…. STAY TUNED my lovelies xx

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