Episode: 86

Asher Wright Joins Me To Discuss What It Means To Matter!

Asher Wright

“If you’re never failing in life it means that you’re not pushing yourself enough. Fail and fail again – learn from the failures – but never be so afraid you fail to start at all.” – Anne Hellgren

Asher Wright, an immigrant from Jamaica and a proud U.S. citizen, is deeply connected to his Jamaican roots. A 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army, he has transitioned to entrepreneurship with a mission to empower immigrants and veterans. Through his venture, Asher focuses on the theme ‘To matter or to matter again,’ a reflection of what his clients – immigrants and veterans – are seeking. His work is dedicated to helping them build better lives for their families and find significance in their journeys. As a Wisdom Coach and passionate writer, Asher gathers and shares transformative wisdom from ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Listen to an episode about what it means to matter when you’re an immigrant or find yourself in a world that is unfamiliar to you. How do we keep ourselves feeling empowered when we might not feel that way? 

We also talk about what it takes to find our purpose and feel value through the way we love ourselves.  

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With love, Anne xx

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