Episode: 74

5 Things That Kill A Relationship

5 Things That Kill A Relationship

“Some people will repeatedly hurt or disrespect you, offer apologies, but never change their behaviors. Please see them for who they are – not what you would like them to be.” – Anne Hellgren

Some obvious things are well known to destroy most relationships, and some less known, or silent killers, of a relationship. In this episode, I want to talk about what we can sometimes overlook as being insignificant but repeated long enough, is sure to kill your relationship.

Some of these things can be done consciously or subconsciously but the hurt and distraction will follow. So as you listen in, look out for things that you may be experiencing from your partner, or that you are doing or saying yourself.

I cover the following topics in detail and you may be surprised by the insights you receive from this episode, so make sure you listen to the end of this podcast!

  1. The green-eyed monster of comparison
  2. If you don’t create your boundaries and enforce them, someone else will do it for you!
  3. Unhealthy and Unwanted power imbalances can be a ticking time bomb.
  4. Over-reliance on your partner is a turn-off on many levels
  5. You can only be inauthentically you for so long. Ps. It’s demoralizing and soul-draining. Don’t do it…

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