Episode: 9

Connect with Your Inner Child and Manifest the Life You Desire


The thing about your soul is it knows exactly when things should be happening.” – Karen Bashford

Contrary to what most people believe, focusing on our past could help us move forward. It helps us understand ourselves better and it aids us to break the cycle rooted in our past.

In this episode, we are joined by the “Manifestation Lady”, Karen Bashford. Karen specializes in helping people find their full potential. She’s also an NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, and psychic.

Like many of us, Karen has been through abuse and trauma. She believes that we carry trauma as part of us. Today, she will be sharing with us how we can connect with our inner child so we can be freed from the chains of the past and manifest the relationships and life we desire.

In this episode, we discussed: 

  • Why Karen is passionate about working with women who want to manifest the life they truly want and love
  • How suppressed emotions can affect you and the relationships you attract
  • We all have a “guide” that is nudging and telling us something is wrong; we’re just ignoring it
  • Discover Karen’s powerful and beautiful gift
  • Understand why things happen when they should and not when you expected them to be
  • Karen teaches us how you can connect to your inner child

I hope this episode serves you. Reach out to me if you want to discuss any relationship issues that may be affecting you.

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