How Being In An Unhappy Relationship Costs You More Than You Think

Written by Anne Hellgren

                                                                                       7th September 2020



The benefits of being in a relationship are overwhelming – we all know them! But would
you consider your relationship your ideal type of relationship? Or are you like millions
out here who spend each day planning their exit or feeling trapped and helpless,
possibly because of the vows you made, the kids or financial commitments you’ve made
together and more?

Simply put, are you unhappy?

You might not believe it, but many women spend each day struggling to put up with and
mend unhealthy relationships- trying to give it that extra shot. These women, however,
only end up losing more than time, money, and dignity.
Here’s what else you have to lose:


A decreased sense of self-worth
An unhealthy relationship can easily make you feel bad or insecure about yourself, as
well as leave you feeling unhappy and drained- or even insane!

Have you ever felt the need to change something about yourself to make things right in
your relationship? Have you ever doubted yourself –your decisions and thoughts, and
felt like you need to do things differently in favor of your partner? Ever felt like you are
always the cause of the conflicts, and perhaps your partner is only doing you a favor
being with you?

Well, that’s a clear sign of a waning sense of self-worth, which is one of the most serious
mental implications of unhealthy relationships. Sometimes the only identity we have is
that which has been instilled in our minds by our abusers. We see ourselves as unworthy
of so much, and that’s dangerous.


Heart problems
You might feel the pain in your heart right this moment, but that might not necessarily
represent an emotional “heartbreak and anguish” but a serious physical implication in
your real heart. Studies have found that being in a toxic relationship tends to increase
people’s risk of developing heart problems (including a heart attack). The next time you
feel heartbroken, perhaps your heart is actually breaking.


Weight problems
During my practice, I’ve come across many women who mentioned their weight as their
main perceived source of the conflicts in their relationships. Ironically, being unhappy
or being present in an unhealthy relationship leads to unhealthy weight gain due to
altered body processes such as metabolism and hormonal regulation. Psychological
effects, such as emotional eating, also have a huge role to play. That unhealthy
relationship might be leading to unhealthy habits and unhealthy internal body
processes, which could be contributing to weight gain. You if all in the category of
weight problems, take time to examine if your relationship could be the actual problem!


Loss of chances of happiness in the future.












The best hope for women coming from unhealthy relationships is finding happiness
within themselves first, then in the comfort of a new embrace. Unfortunately, being in
an unhealthy relationship may not allow that. As you tolerate unhealthy relationships,
you learn to be suspicious of people over time. You raise your wall too high and learn
to distrust the sincerity and loyalty of others. When you come across well-meaning
persons who genuinely want to take you in, you reject them in fear of being hurt or
disappointed again. You’ve essentially learned, accepted, and integrated the conditional
love and outright rejection and subconsciously expect the same treatment from others
even if you want to think otherwise.

Bottom line

There are definitely many more ways you are suffering as you choose to stay in your
unhealthy relationship a day, hour or a minute longer. These are the most prevalent and
serious, according to me. My point is, being in an unhealthy relationship would cost you
more than you think or feel. It’s not just about lost time or lost money. It is far more
serious than that!

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