The power of overcoming your limiting self-beliefs


Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like if you took a different path, either in your relationship, education or career? Ever wonder what it could be like if you lived in a different part of the world? So often we live our lives wondering “what if”, but seldom do people have the courage to pursue it further. Now I know that it sometimes takes more than just courage. Our finances can obviously have a significant impact on our decisions, but let’s put our finances aside for a moment and explore what else could be holding you back from achieving what you really want to be doing in your life.

All too often, the reason people do not chase their passions or aim for a higher bar is due to limiting self-beliefs or a lack of self-belief completely. On a conscious or sub-conscious level, at some point, many of us have been told we are not good enough. Or even worse, that we cannot and do not deserve ‘it’ (whatever that wonderful thing may be to you).

This can relate to a partner who treats you with the respect, honesty, and loyalty we all deserve. We make excuses for their bad behavior by explaining it away or turning a blind eye. Or perhaps the bullying and rudeness that you get from colleagues or bosses, but you say nothing cause in this competitive economy you ‘at least have a job and it’s paying the bills’. Now, I’m not suggesting for one moment that you storm out of your office, never to be seen again. I’m suggesting you honestly examine why at some point of your life, you have decided it’s ok to settle for less than your worth.

Make a list of the things you want to achieve in your life. Some will be short term and others long term, but be realistic with the timelines you assign to each item. Ask yourself, what is physically, emotionally and mentally keeping me away from these goals? Very often we find the answer to all three is nothing- apart from not believing you can achieve them, or fear of trying and failing. Well here’s the thing with fear of failing. Everyone has it to some degree, and that is what probably pushes some people to work harder at their goals and in some cases be very successful too. But if you feel stuck or unable to make that initial move and you find that you can’t get the help you need to get you moving, get professional help to get rid of your limiting self-beliefs. Several studies have shown time and time again that people regret what they haven’t done more than they regret what they have done.

NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy focus on identifying that initial memory and situation where that seed of doubt and/or fear was first planted in you. Using your own experiences, it works by getting you to view the situation be from a different perspective- one where you can and do achieve what you want to achieve. Take a moment to think what that would mean and look like to you in your life right now. Then fast forward into your future and imagine, see and feel what that means five, ten and 50 years from now.

All too often we settle for a mediocre version of ourselves. Start living the life you want by getting rid of all those limiting self-beliefs, doubt, and fear. As William Shakespeare said, “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt.”


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